Dear World, I Still Love You

Let's cut down the rainforests.
It's not like we care about preserving biodiversity or the ozone.

Let's feed our children nutrient deficient plasticscheiss and call it food,
then be happy because citizens who actually work to be healthy will be required to pay for the kid's generic mood enhancing drugs.

Let's not label genetically modified organisms. We will manufacture seeds and pest product then drag indignant family farms who won't use our products through heartbreaking lawsuits until they give up their land.

Let's all go get milkshakes right around the corner. We will drive because off shore drilling really is safe and peak oil is just a real big joke anyway, just like global warming.

Let's be rude to each other also because manners are for stupid blasé booboos.

Let's define "higher education" as going into massive debt. That college president deserved his private elevator.

Let's scream hateful things at cyclists who take up space on the road.

Let's print tons of money so people think we're rich. Most people will.

NBD just one big beautiful world.

What do YOU think we should do?

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