10 Backbends/Day

Here's the challenge:  10 backbends/day. Seems simple. Rightttt? 
Michelle, one of my old yoga instrutors, makes it look SO easy, elegant and beautiful. All I ask of myself is 10 backbends/day.

Day 1 - Longer Legs (2/13)
First of all I was downright amazed that I could pull off 10. I felt so much release in lower spine that my legs felt longer and I kept tripping over my feet with 'normal' stride. Legs like a gazelle!

Day 2 - Anger (2/14)
Finishing up at night left me wide awake until the wee hours of the morning. C'est la vie. I felt tremendous anger. Felt good to let it out by shouting, just for shouting's sake. Went home and danced it off. The distinction here is that I wasn't angry. There was no subject for the emotion. Just the emotion. I noticed it, I played with it, I danced with it. I danced ON it. Felt good. Kris played me a recording called Abraham which stated that anger was a step on the path to bliss. Sounds like new age hippy shit but you know, I actually believe it.

Day 3 - Struggle (2/15)
Doubt. Lots of it. Fear, a bit of it. Didn't want to hit my anger spot so I yanked something in my right-side waistline. Meg admonished me to be wary of my nice flexible spine and forsake lower spine ease for thoracic spine WORK. Gawd is it work, but worth it. I already noticed length and space in my abdomen - from 20 dinky backbends.dinky as a euphemism for the best thing you can do in your life! 

Instead of 2 sets of 3 and then 1 set of 4 consecutively with only spine twist in the middle for rest, my series went 4couldn't talk-1-otherstuff-1-gohome, eat, nap-1-3. Lots of blackout today. Inner ear pressure and jaw is carrying some noticeable stress. Hard today. But complete.

Day 4 - Wow (2/16)
Um, I woke up and was amazed. My stomach looks awesome. In the posture clinic Mary Jarvis said that with backbending your body shape comes out and your stomach just wants to suck itself in. After 40 backbends, seriously? Why doesn't everyone do this?

Day 5 - Skip (2/17)
I skipped today. Gave myself a break. Probably shouldn't have. But I did after I killed it in class. Still feel sore the morning after...Got some good advise though: Inhale Inspiration. Exhale Expression. 

Day 6 - 2/18
Will I make up yesterday? Maybe! Will I find a perfect picture? Yes!
First 5-in-a-row. Now 5 sets of 3. 

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