Shambhala - The Warrior's Path of Bravery

Reading Notes from Shambhala - Sacred Path of the Warrior by Chögyam Trungpa (February 28, 1939 – April 4, 1987) with * my recurring life lessons*.

  • Shambhala is for people that seek genuine and fearless existence as human beings.
  • Shambhala is also written about in Buddhist book Kalacakra.
  • Shambhala is a statement on human condition and human potential.
  • Shambhala teachings present logic of mind and heart.
Part 1, Chapter 1 - Creating and Enlightened Society

  • Shambhala aids the experience and challenge of being human.
  • Shambhala warriors are dedicated to primordial confidence.
  • Shambhala teachings are founded on the premise that basic human wisdom can solve all the world's problems.
  • *Shambhala's first principle is not being afraid of who you are.
  • **Shambhala's premise is that one who discovers what they can inherently offer the world is the only one that can create an enlightened society for others.
  • ***Shambhala urges its warriors to discover real goodness by appreciating very simple experiences.
  • ****Shambhala warriors know that there is an undiluted and unconfused nature of basic goodness in all human beings.
  • Shambhala teaches that all human goodness contains tremendous gentleness and appreciation. 
  • Shambhala warriors have a genuine sense of humor - meaning appreciating reality with a light touch.
* Know Thyself 
** Changing Minds to Change Lives
*** Simple Life
****Looking at Others and Seeing their Best Potential

Part 1, Chapter 2 - Discovering Basic Goodness
  • Shambhala warriors explore their basic goodness with mind-body unifying basic meditations.
  • Shambhala warriors come to understand that we are very simple; not ordinary but extraordinary.
  • *Shambhala warriors in meditation sit simply to arouse dignity and really truly believe that the earth deserves us, and we it. 
* Living a Dignified Life Close to the Earth

Part 1, Chapter 3 - The Genuine Heart of Sadness 
  • Shambhala teachings are not concerned with divine origin.
  • Shambhala teaches that being is good because it is not a source of aggression or complaint.
  • *Shambhala teaches that we realize basic goodness by appreciating what we have with the boddhicitta (awakened heart).
  • Shambhala meditation is a means to awaken genuine heart within yourself.
  • **Shambhala warriors give birth to fearlessness by experiencing a sad and tender heart.
  • Shambhala warriors welcome the world as it tickles our raw and beautiful hearts.
* Open Heart
** Working to Abolish Fear 

Part 1, Chapter 4 - Fear and Fearlessness
  • Shambhala teaches that fearlessness is not the absence of fear but the transcendance over and beyond fear itself.
  • Shambhala traditions discover fearlessness by working with the soft human heart. 

Part 1, Chapter 5 - Synchronizing Mind and Body
  • Shambhala mind-body synchronization teaches fearlessness as accurate and absolutely directs relation with phenomenal world by attuning sense perceptions, mind and vision. 

Part 1, Chapter 6 - The Dawn of the Great Eastern Sun
  • Shambhala suggests we replace fear of death with a focus on sense of reality and gratitude toward life that leaves a trail of dignity after we pass.
  • Shambhala teaches the vision of the great eastern sun, based on: 
    • Celebrating life
    • Appreciating World
    • Seeing source of natural radiance and brilliance
  • Shambhala's Great Eastern Sun is the innate rising wakefulness in all ruman beings that operates in logic of our ability to return to the primordial ground.
  • Shambhala advises against the setting sun approach which serves visions we can't consume and therefore must throw away. 
  • Shambhala teaches that when you get close to the truth you can tell the truth and feel great. 
  • Shambhala emphasizes how we can always return to the primordial groudn with the logic of the Great Eastern Sun.
...to be continued...

Trungpa, Chögyam. Shambhala - Sacred Path of the Warrior; Shambhala Publications, Boston, 1984.

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  1. Loving the new look of your blog and love Shambhala. I went to the Shambhala center here with Paul B. recently and heard an awesome lecture on keeping the attitude of an open question in life. Loved it. Hope you are well.


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