Change Your Thoughts, Change Your Life

Dunno why I'm on a William Blake (1757-1827) kick...He wrote, "The eye altering alters all" in his somewhat disturbing poem The Mental Traveller. The quote is not the point of the poem. My point here is: as a good friend Shane used to say, often:


In Daniel Quinn's novel Ishmael, a teacher guides a student along a journey of discovery about the fundamental nature of the world and, essentially, how to make it a better place. Philanthropists, healers, environmentalists, do-gooders, optimists, movers and shakers - take note of the changes this passage from Ishmael advises:
"You can't say, 'We're going to change the way people behave toward the world, but we're not going to change the way they think about the world or the way they think about divine intentions in the world or the way they think about the destiny of man.'
As long as the people of your culture are convinced that the world belongs to them and that their divinely-appointed destiny is to conquer and rule it, then they are of course going to go on acting the way they've been acting for the past ten thousand years.
They're going to go on treaing the world as if it were a piece of human property and they're going to go on conquering it as if it were n adversary.
You can't change these things with laws. You must change people's minds.
And you can't just root out a harmful comple of ideas and leave a void behind; you have to give people something that is as meaningful as what they've lost."
Change your thoughts, change your life. Begin with the self - know it, love it, use it to make the world a better place. To help, here's a catchy lil' French phrase from a forefather of positive psychology, Emile Coué (1827-1926). 

Tous les jours à tous points de vue je vais de mieux en mieux
~Every day in every way I am getting better and better ~

People change lives (and, ~cough~cough~ pursestrings) by helping other people understand how to activate their desire to change then giving those other people a roadmap to a better life. 

p.s. dear fellow humans, PLEASE quit destroying planet earth. ktxluvubai.

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