Walking is a Miracle

An exquisite description of walking appeared in Yoga Journal on October 6. 
("Daily Insight" email, subject "Amazing Grace").

If you have a moment to ponder the following words, I  think you will also be convinced about the veritable nature of walking as miracle.

When you walk, you are
"Balancing the weight of your torso on two long supports,
while smoothly transferring this weight from one support to the other,
and all the while maintaining a constant rate of motion
and perfect balance".

Wow. Humans are amazing. Graceful. Strong. Poised. Immaculate. Let's try to keep it that way.

Coming soon from @adurableheart are some of Roger Cole's anatomically sound tips on perfect balance and some literary persuasions that inspire me to execute those tricky one-legged balancing poses !
Sketch by French freelance illustrator Jean-Yves Coulaud.

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  1. I agree completely, i have always been fascinated by walk, i even compare and analize the different ways people walk: inwards/outwards feet, lifting the toes, dragging, bouncing (some people bounce haha), length of step... how? why these differences?

    Human walking is such a complex task that is one the greatest challenges of robotics, even now the most advanced walking android (Honda's Asimo) cannot walk entirely the way we do.

    Great post.


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