Donna Karan - First Lady of Stylized Integrative Health

I am amazed by individuals who create empires from the fabric of their dreams - like Donna Karan and her cashmere empire. No one can touch her. She loves TED and makes the best, most beautiful and practical perfume/clothing on the planet. She once said that "When you see a problem, there is a solution. I think that's why there are problems. It's sort of simple."

Shinichi Maruyama captures india inks and water colliding mid-air with photography. That inspires her.

Above all, Donna Karan co-founded URBAN ZEN FOUNDATION - an organization dedicated to raising awareness and inspiring change in the ares of well-being, preserving cultures and empowering children. That inspires me.

Someday I will be an influential contribution to an organization like Urban Zen Foundation.
This amazing Donna Karan Photograph was taken by Brigitt Lacombe to accompany Donna's interview with Calvin Klein in Interview Magazine

 - Inpiring - Amazing - Extraordinary - Incredible - A True Hero - 

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  1. RT @Urban_Zen: Donna Karan talks to Time magazine about Urban Zen, Dalai Lama and fashion http://bit.ly/3NzpBR


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