Staying Active in the Fight for Our Rights

When I hear that the FDA declares BPA's safe for use in the lining of aluminum cans, THINK AGAIN.

When Monsanto's supergiant corporation puts family farmers out of work and land because the NATURAL process of pollination crosses spores from GMO soybeans, corn, wheat and sugar beets with natural heirloom varieties, I stand with the farmers.

When the US shoots down Prop. 37 to label genetically modified foods I am absolutely HORRIFIED. Then I do the research. Who donated to these votes?

Money is doing the talking.

I try to stay informed using
It seems that there are perils at every turn, and I try to use my time and my voice to spread the word of justice, and likewise, injustice. Fighting for a better world starts with your dime and ends with your chime - use your networks, speech and voice to ensure that the next generation still has a world to live in.

Our world is pretty rough. We live a life of comfort at a cost to the environment that is staggeringly disproportionate and remarkably unsustainable. 

What are we going to do about it? 

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