How to Make a Presentation Like Steve Jobs

There are no bullet points in a Steve Jobs presentation.

Every slide is written like a piece of poetry.

Each presentation is delivered like a theatrical performance.

Carmine Gallo has written a book called The Presentation Secrets of Steve Jobs and here is her ABC interview followed by my favorite tips about making a knockout presentation like Steve Jobs.

My Favorites: How to Make a Presentation Like Steve Jobs
  • Introduce an Antogonist. Because every great drama has a hero and a villian. With an antogonist we can uniquely frame a problem that set up a solution.
  • Create Twitter-Friendly Headlines. Everyone should have 1 sentence that frames a product or business and this sentence should commuicate the vision behind the product or business.
  • Sell Dreams, Not Products. Steve Jobs sells transformative experiences. So figure out, what IS it about a product or business that will change or improve lives? 
  • Practice Zen Like Simplicity. This is my ABSOLUTE favorite. Eliminate clutter. Knock their socks off.

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