My First Love...

Near the home I don't yet know
The violets bloom and nettles grow. 
Elderberry blossoms into inflorescence
And dandelions prosper, dandelions prosper...

I first loved violet for it was she
That hummed into my heart her need
To share a little heart,
To sow a little seed.
Illustration of Violets by Mother Earth News

Next it was the nettle and its slightly stinging stab
That cradled me upon its lap and taught a little jab.
'Tis not the sweetness always that will make the garden grow
The burrowing root must shield itself to make the soil so.

Elderberry, wonderfairy, Sambuca Shrub for Throats
These little things lodged deep in there:
Your voice. Your song. Your notes. 
Use them or beware.

Dandelion, Dandelion - they poison up grass lawns.
You grow among us so abundant but we play the pawns.
We're stupid to eradicate you, for all the help you'll bring.
I'll make you into wine and medicine, and then - from there, we'll sing.

Mimosa Sensitiva, You were next. Yes, YOU.
In Eberswalde, Deutschland you were all but little, phew!
You curled away from human touch, a soft and shyness there
I love you and I love you and I love you - yes, you're mine
Thank abundance for your sisters, for her silk blooms - my moonshine.

The story keeps on going and I fear I've found my love
health narrative through growing plant and ways to get above
the outer madness to a happy younger you
the days on earth are numbered, and if not me then who.

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