To Dream of Whales...

Cool swim along the right side of a stone jetty interrupted by shouting about shark fins. Scramble to safety! Pull myself up onto the rocky embankment - where suddenly in the future a ship will crash.

Leave bag with notebook on the jetty's middle towards the sea. Many choppy waves are building. Drawn to the left of jetty where an orca whale is floating. I say "hey baby" in my mind to him. He hears and I can almost touch his face. Then he descends, and I see many whales in the distance. One, even a beluga. No sharks.

The whales are agitated and start making more waves as more and more people come. I hang onto a light pole. A man pushes me aside. He is later the stranger I sit with as he dies, his hand in mine. His head I cannot touch for it was crushed by the crumbling jetty after the red ship suddenly crashed right through the land that let me see the whales.

Nothing has made me happier in such a peaceful way than to talk to my dream whales. But they did not like all the noises of the people - pointing, laughing, not honoring their presence. The whales churned the sea in response to the disrespect of the people. That ship came out of nowhere and crashed right into land. The whales took their due. My orca took the love I gave, and brought it down to the depths. I would like to meet him again.

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