Dancin With the Dogs

I never knew how weak my ankles were until I mimicked every movement made by my neighbor's dog last night as we burned a little smoking fire in our backyard pit surrounded by tiki torches and cold December air. This kinda looks like Grady but I call him poopy:

That spunky little half-pit doggy make micro-movements and fakes, first this way then that. I sure felt like a spunky little girl and am amazed that I tired the dog out. AMAZED. I haven't worked out like that since serious soccer practices back in the day but that dog took it to the next level and I felt like I was at a football training. It felt SO good.

Those tendons, muscles and ligaments on the very outside of my legs need a LOT of work, especially so I can rotate my hips past the point of locking in Virabhadrasana 1 (Warrior) and don't hurt myself as I train to get into Hanumanasana (Forward Splits). Overdeveloped outside quads from overzealous soccer training back in the day got me a sick corner kick but a sickly back leg in any posture where it needs to be locked, toned and inwardly rotating on the top (femur) and externally rotating on the bottom (tibia) to ground through the feet and up the hips through to the center of all balance and bliss.

I am seriously taking this self-imposed yoga training regimen seriously. It keeps me awake at night and once upon a time a very wealthy investment banker told me that he only believed in a business if its founder was kept awake at night with thoughts of how s/he would succeed and grow.

Here I am - the luckiest girl in the world with some heaping helpings of joie de vivre and 2 unlimited memberships to amazing yoga studios in Savannah. It's too cold to be a southern bell right now so I'll keep at this path and just play with the dogs when they ask me to train up my ankles. I don't even like them that much as companions or pets but I like the way dogs move when they play.

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