Software Development Applied to Life

As I'm packing up my things to move to Savannah, GA I am sorting through my old paperwork. I found notes from a book called "Mastering the Internet, xhtml and Javascript" from 2004 by Ibrahim Zeid. It's interesting that the 5 phases of software design in that book are also very helpful as organizational principles in life.

They are as follows:
  1. Plan - What neeeds to be accomplished. Results in a road map for what lies ahead.
  2. Analyze - Identifies all possible solutions to the problem at hand. A synthesis activity that decides the best and final solution to a problem.
  3. Design - Perform detailed tasks to determine materials and resources required to navigate the roadmap. 
  4. Implement - Acquire all materials deemed required in Planning phase then assemble, install, test and train for proper use
  5. Support - Monitor use of product and user's feedback. 

There we have it. Old knowledge with a lot of applications for the now. Plan, Analyze, Design, Implement, and Support. In order. Cheers to a very productive life.

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  1. I think he forgot the last two steps. After you've done all that, throw out the map and see what happens! Because journeys without the map and a plan can be way more fun and more like an adventure!


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