"Tell Me How You Started Yoga"

Friend and force in the yoga industry Brian Castellani started an amazing Facebook group called ORDINARY YOGA and asked everyone to share how our yoga practices started with the intention to de-mystify the hatha yoga practice.

Jan 1 2010 marked exactly 9 months since I began a consistent daily yoga practice. But here's how I started...

To get one free credit at Northeastern University I practiced with a Boston-based angel named Doreen (whose voicemail prompted me to "do lots and lots of Svaroopa ® yoga" when I called to tell her that my paper on the difference between stretching and releasing would not be turned in on the assigned date).

After then experimenting with Ashtanga, Kundalini, Baptiste, Anusara and Forrest styles - I am a dedicated Bikram practitioner (though I love the weekends because I can go to more than one class in a day and still get in a class or two in another style!). I am very excited to add Global Mala Yoga for Peace to 1/365 days of 2010 practice (and every other year for the rest of my life for that matter!). Don't be confused if someone tells you that the studio does 'hatha' or 'vinyasa' yoga - these are basically names for any combinaion of asana (posture) and breath (pranayama) & I've done that too. 

One of my favorite songs has a chorus that begins, "ετση ξεκήνησα λειπων ετση ξεκήνησα. "So I began, thus so I began" is implying that I am beginning and beginning and beginning and beginning - from birth and through every moment. Wow what a journey. What's yours? Share it with me and Brian at Ordinary Yoga.

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